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Thinking Small with Thor's Hammer

We've teamed up with the fine folk at Thor's Hammer to launch two collaborative pieces for their new collection, Thinking Small.The 9045 Low and Side Tables and the Clover Cheeseboard and Cheese Knives Set.

"Thinking Small — a range of everyday items made from short lengths of 100% recycled timber, showcasing small-scale design and extending the life of high quality demolition timber destined for landfill. Thinking Small is an exciting evolution in our journey, and we’re excited to share it with you!" 
— Thor's Hammer


We’ve worked together with Thor’s Hammer for around 8 years, producing some custom steel hardware components used in their furniture. Collaborating on these new considered pieces has been a fun and fulfilling process – capturing the best of our respective crafts!


9045 Tables

Dan and Thor first produced the 9045 table prototypes for Design Canberra 2019 and were purchased by a client at the auction party. The design hit a stumbling block as the joining system between the steel legs and the timber top wasn’t suitable to larger scale production.

In 2023 Thor worked out a new joining system and Dan also developed a beautiful new patination finish for the steel legs. It was then decided to bring the 9045 low table and side table into production for the Thinking Small collection release.

The underlying aim of the 9045 table series was to design a table that was elegant and simple, letting the materials speak. Named to reflect the 90 and 45 degree angles that make up the steel base, the 9045 table series unites time and steel with a simple but unique joint.

Available as a low table or side table in various recycled timbers and patinated steel finishes.Low table 1145 x 620 x 455mm and side table 440 x 440 x 420mm.


In Depth | The Making of the 9045 Tables

Stainless steel square hollow section or SHS was used to create the leg assemblies. It is a very commonly used material and we wanted to find a way to make it unusual. We’ve achieved this by rotating it onto its edge so that it became much more angular and highlighting its crisp edge. It also integrates beautifully with the timber top using an internal 45 degree joint which envelops the diamond cross section of the steel. After initially making the timber components by hand, Thor programmed this joint on their 5 axis CNC, allowing it to be produced efficiently.

The leg assemblies are made by hand by us, each component meticulously cut to length, sanded, welded together, sanded some more before a final finishing sequence gives the soft satin lustre to the stainless steel. The weathered patination finish is achieved through a sequence of abrasives to build up a pattern of wear and patina. The patination process is part science, part art form, and results in each piece reacting a little differently – meaning each 9045 table has its own unique appearance moving through grey tones to a deep black.

We used a specialised process called thermal drilling to mount the hardware into the stainless steel leg assemblies. The process is where a smooth pointed carbide tool is pressed under load and high speed into a thin walled metal part. The friction causes the metal to heat up until it liquifies in a localised area and then forms a deep walled hole that can be then threaded securely. If a standard hole was drilled there would not be enough wall thickness in the stainless steel to make a secure thread. This process of thermal drilling was particularly useful and necessary in the 9045 design as it allows the fasteners to be used on the corner of the stainless steel section, where it would normally not be possible.



Clover Cheeseboard

Designed by Thor’s Hammer in-house designer, Hugh Bosman, the Clover Cheeseboard takes cues from the playful folds of our three piece Cheese Tool set.

Designed around the notion of sharing, the three leaves of the Clover Cheeseboard can be separated to easily pass around the table, or kept together for a stunning centrepiece. The sculpted curves mirror the playfully folded stainless steel of our Cheese Tools.


All collaborative pieces are available for sale by contacting Thor's Hammer. 

Images by Rohan Thomson.


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