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Why we love stainless steel


We have loved using stainless steel in our work for many years.

Initially drawn to it for it's more traditionally known use - cutlery - because of it's food safe properties and excellent formability - we have more recently loved integrating it into our jewellery collection.

Our jewellery collection is entirely handcrafted in stainless steel. 

We love stainless steel for its captivating silver-grey lustre, its non-tarnish properties - meaning year after year, your jewellery pieces will continue to look as beautiful as when you first receive them and it is a wonderful option for more sensitive ears.

As a strong and durable material, our pieces stand up to the knocks and wear of everyday life. Which means less accidental misshapen earring wires, less dents or deep scratches from a drop on the ground and earring wires that spring back when closed keep them nicely secure.

Stainless steel is also incredibly lightweight. Something that we knew would be perfect for our jewellery collection. This has allowed us to not only make our much loved smaller stud size earrings, but design and develop some stunning eye catching larger pieces without the worry of sore ears. Our earrings will be ever so comfortable for a whole days wear, without the heavy sore feeling that weighty earrings often bring - so you can wear them day in, day out, without a worry! 

Our raw stainless steel finished pieces are complimented by our rich black powdercoat finish - a durable surface with a a subtle matt texture, it's a classic in the making! 

A timeless collection, we bring together comfort, style and longevity, ensuring your treasured pieces stand up to day-to-day wear for many years to come. 





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