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Our Values



We celebrate the skill of the maker. As two craftspeople equally passionate about our traditional crafts, we are big advocates for our small industry. Whilst we live and breathe making and couldn’t dream of doing anything else, it is also about making quality products that we know will last the test of time.  The investment of skill, time, and attention to detail is imbued into each piece we create. We make in small batches, this insures the quality of every piece meets our highest standards.  



We source all of our materials and packaging from quality Australian suppliers. The materials we use can all be repaired, ensuring each product has a long life. Once they do reach the end of their life they are able to be fully recycled. Read more about the materials we use here.



We choose not to design for seasons or trends, nor to set out the regularity of how often we design new work. Instead, we focus on ensuring each piece we add to our collection fits within our aesthetic, has well a tested and robust production process in the workshop that ensures durability and quality. The creation of new work isn’t a fast process, nor one we want to rush, in fact, it is a process to be enjoyed and cherished as often it’s where the best ideas are found.



Making each of our pieces ourselves, in our own workshop has always been, and always be of the greatest importance to our brand. With our traditional Silversmithing background, continuing and encouraging the use of these hand skills is of paramount importance to us. Pairing our fine hand skills with our knowledge of more industrial processes we’re always pushing ourselves to learn more and develop our skills.  Our continual investment in our workshop has allowed us to continue to produce every piece in-house, from tooling through to the finish product.  


Take a peek at where we spend our days. Tour the workshop here.