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Our new name, Ferro Forma


Beginning in a small studio back in 2008, tinkering and experimenting - driven purely by passion and a love for making. 

My making evolved into a full time business with many exciting projects and opportunities over the years - from jewellery and objects through to large scale art installations. My name became our business name too, Alison Jackson Studio was officially born.

It was always a natural evolution for my partner in life and fellow metalsmith, Dan Lorrimer, to become part of the business about eight years ago. 

Today, we work together across all our projects. 

Reflecting on how far we've come and to celebrate all the things ahead of us, we're introducing a new name for all that we do.

Our new name, Ferro Forma fits us perfectly.

'Ferro' meaning iron, reflects all that we do is deeply connected with this material. Whilst not directly making work in pure iron, all our tools are made with this material. In essence, it is the foundation of all that we do.

'Forma' meaning form or shape, pays homage to the work that we do, so often led by form.


We're so proud to share our new brand with you and invite you to explore our collections. As always, we make to order and in small batch editions ensuring quality in every piece.

We hope you enjoy exploring our work and following our ever winding journey of making, crafting and tinkering. It's truly what we love to do, made possible by you.

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